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Bury Me Naked

by Roving Crows

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Bury me naked, lay me down low. That's the way I came in, that's how I wanna go. I' got nothing to lose, put it all on show. Bury me naked, lay me down. You said love was a weakness, you got me on my knees. You said love was selfless, well I'm eager to please. You take all without a care, I'll leave this life used and bare. Faith is a rock to you, you cling on like a leech. My love was a shock to you, now you're out of reach. To an unseen god you give praise, you can't look me in the face. You tell me what to believe, you tell me what to achieve. From the cradle to the grave, that's a long way to grieve. Rather live this life in a ragged face than go brand new to the grave.
You and I were lovers before the dream was dreamed. Love is meant to bring you close or separate it seems. We climbed through all the stages, travelled many miles. Do we say goodbye with bitterness? Or end our case with smiles? You and I were lovers. I believe, I believe in you. You built an iron icon, assembled it in parts; Used it as a weapon, to falsify our hearts. And the lie that lies between us, as honest as a kiss, You placed upon my cheek, it felt just like a fist. For every door that you slam, I can open two. The power of forgiveness was never lost on you. When my fears come to visit, I invite them all to stay. I’ll feel stronger when I've conquered the ghosts of yesterday.
Refugee 03:34
Recall you those nights; Young though we were, yeah. Freedom felt warm to touch; Never did loss give so much. Sail away, sail away, yeah. War-torn refugee; World does not undestand me. Slowly we heal; Slowly we grow, yeah. Sing until we lay; Shedding our skin on the way. Sail away, sail away, yeah. War-torn refugee; World does not undestand me.
Riverside 04:12
Sitting by the riverside and the sun is shining down on me and you. Dreaming of the summertime and the glory days, The crown we thought we knew. Thinking 'bout the hands of time and the fading light, And the shadows creeping through. Wonderin' how to keep this place, so it don't fade, like they always do. Winds of change, come knocking At your door. Take it's hand, no talking Fly away. Staring through the looking glass and I see the stars, I know no more than you. Leafing through the book of life and with all my might, I can't rewrite the news. Tomorrow comes a-calling me and I'm scared inside, I'm wondering what to do. Sitting in my comfort place, it's hard to take, everything must move.
Fire Sky 04:24
Four in the morning and I'm lying in bed; I can't sleep for what you said. Your attitude is not your own; You preach of things you don't own. I know your heart is in the right place; It's when you talk you loose face. You twist and bend the words I say; You're so fixed on your own way. If I had to choose I'd rather have love. If I may be so bold; all that glitters is not gold. You're saving your pennies, spending your pounds. Ignoring the love all around. I hope I don't give up on you; Everybody needs a friend or two. I smile every day, I do my best; The sun goes down when it needs rest.
My man Jake, you used to work in I.T. Gave a life to the government, sorting out the military. You moved to the country, living off the land. Doing free photography, singing in a folk band. I heard you passed on the love. You had a lady, you looked good together. When she sang your songs, a troubled heart felt so much better. Now she's gone, you say you don't miss her. When you have company, I know you hide her picture. And I heard you passed on the love. Everything must change, everything must change. Her heart's for it man, she can carry that weight. Claire's on the phone: “Have you heard about Jake? Only got a year to live,” hard to take. She's by your side now, singing your songs again. When you're too tired to write, she's holding your pen.
Is there a better dream? We craft out of the greatest creation known. We believe in this, We strive for this. Perfection is around us, living. We enslave greatness for our own to do with as we will. This, our dream. And when the last tree has fallen, Reshaped, stolen from her home. Will we miss her then? She has given life. When the last river drips to a close, Clogged or cursed by our waste. Will we miss her then? She has given life. And when the very air we breathe, Is heavier than our hearts for the death we have created. Will we miss her? She has given life. We are taking this great life for our dream. Only life gives life. There is a better dream; Allow yourself to dream it.
Media don't talk no more Mindless, endless thing. What are we fighting for? Yeah, that's the corporate sting. Revolution isn't coming, Revolution is now! Breeze blowin' in from the east. Nowhere to run or hide. Silent, creeping beast. Answer to he who lied. Revolution isn't coming, Revolution is, Right Now! The system ain't broken, the system is rigged! Do you know how great we can be? We can take control. Be in mind and spirit free; Rescue what remains of your soul.
Glory Bound 10:00
Sunlight shining on your sleeping face. Whisper goodbye, boots in hand. All I take is one last breath Softly close the door, I stand On the road, one man band. Too much love seems like yesterday, Too much love makes you stay On the road, glory bound. Last show I played was Amsterdam Too many highs, one man's life. Some fade away, some crash land. I’m fading off the face of this earth. On the road, glory bound. Too much love seems like yesterday, Too much love makes you stay On the road, glory bound! We're all glory bound, We're all glory bound. Walk tall my man, We're all glory bound. Soul tied up to the ground, Soul tied up to the ground. Shake loose my girl, We're all glory bound. Love doesn't hurt, That's the beautiful thing. It's the absence of love, Leaves you out on a limb. Where do I belong? Too much love seems like yesterday, Too much love makes you stay On the road, glory bound!
Ride On 04:41
True, you ride the finest horse, I've ever seen. Standing sixteen one or two, With eyes wild and green. And you ride the horse so well, Hands light to the touch. I could never go with you no matter how I wanted to. Ride on, see you, I could never go with you No matter how I wanted to. When you ride into the night, Without a trace behind. Run your claw along my gut, One last time. I'll turn to face an empty space, where you used to lie. And look for the spark that lights the night Through a teardrop in my eye.


released August 4, 2017

Caitlin Barrett:
Fiddle/Lead & Backing Vocals
Paul O’Neill:
Lead Vocals, Electric & Acoustic Guitars
Loz Shaw:
Bass Guitars, Backing Vocals, Keyboards & Synths, Baritone Electric & Acoustic Guitars, Clarinet, Banjolina, Kalimba
Tim Downes-Hall:
Bongos, Congas, Cajon, Snare Drums, Cymbals,
Djembes, Timbale, Shakers, Floor Tom, Gong Drum

Produced By: Loz Shaw & Roving Crows
Engineered, Mixed & Mastered By: Loz Shaw/An LzR Audio Engineering Production
Drums Recorded At: Chesterton Primary School, Cirencester/The Drum Den, Cirencester
Crow Pattern Design & Body Art: Suzanna Haynes
Photography: Nadia Phillpots of White Balance Images/
Live Photo (inside cover) by Maurice Guerard
Title Font: PR Viking By Peter H. Rempel
Accordion (Track 3) By: Bast Shaw


all rights reserved



Roving Crows Ledbury, UK

Roving Crows are a Celtic Folk Rock band who play with genuine passion, energy and soul. A must see live act who showcase a mix of fiery, Celtic inspired fiddle, conscious intelligent lyrics backed by drums and driving bass. Roving Crows comprises; strong lead vocals, 4 part harmonies, guitar, fiddle, drums and bass ... more


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